The 1960's

Fifteen Years Strong, 1961

By 1961, Pipsico held the title of Tidewater Scout Reservation on its own. The challenge to Arrowmen was great. We had a fresh and untouched camp to build on. To prepare for summer camp, the work was tremendous, but Heron members rallied to the call.

During the fast-moving years of the 50’s, the Lodge made one more change. We became one of the first to establish an effective Chapter system. Following the growth of our Council, the lodge once stood at eight Chapters. Our Lodge currently has five strong Chapters. 1961 grew as a peak year in the Lodge’s history. That year we celebrated our 15th Anniversary with the largest Fellowship ever held. This same year, the Lodge rallied to the Area’s call again. With six weeks to the annual III-C Pow Wow, the host lodge was forced to withdraw. Blue Heron was asked to handle the situation. In short weeks and thousands of dedicated hours from our membership, Blue Heron Lodge put together one of the Area’s best Pow Wows at our Camp Pipsico.

The Octagon Emerges, 1965

Our patches are a symbol of Blue Heron’s quality and a token from one of the outstanding lodges in the nation. In accordance with the Blue Heron tradition, another patch was developed. The jacket patch was conceived to furnish a supplement to a member’s accessories and to recognize another point in Blue Heron history. The “baby blue heron” is presented in the design to make us mindful of our high tradition. It is only with recognition of our past that we can maintain our high standards. The totem, the blue heron with a fish in its mouth standing in a lake, is there to remind us to preserve the Lodge’s firm organization. The flying blue heron is added to signify the continuing growth of the lodge. The patch means the Lodge is “Mindful of our Tradition” and pledges continued Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service.

Ben Juren Memorial, Mid 60’s

One problem continually challenged our new Camp Pipsico. When rain came, where would campfires be held? A building of a suitable size to house such events was financially improbable. Blue Heron members thought deeply, and then again challenged the impossible call. Through efforts of many Lodge members, the Ben Juren Memorial was constructed and dedicated on our 20th Anniversary. With concessions at district events, the Lodge earned all of the money to pay for the memorial in Camp Kiwanis at Pipsico. Expansion came to the Tidewater Council and Pipsico added a new sub camp named Lions. The O.A. Shelter (Ben Juren Memorial) was so highly praised and accepted in Camp Kiwanis that the Lodge was asked to build a twin shelter for Camp Lions.