The 1970's

The 1970s – Building the Tradition

Grand Affairs, 1971

On the day of our 25th Anniversary year, we were pleased to find the plans of a decade at completion. With solemn pride and honor, Blue Heron Lodge dedicated the O.A. Shelter at Camp Lions to the past Supreme Chief of the Fire, Mr. Harold V. Pace. In December of 1971, the very first Blue Heron Christmas Banquet was held. Three hundred and forty Blue Heron members and guests attended this first Banquet in over a decade.

Standing Proud, 1972

On April 21, 22, and 23 of 1972, three hundred and fifty Arrowmen from throughout Virginia gathered for the 20th Anniversary Area III-C Pow Wow, hosted by Kecoughtan Lodge. Blue Heron’s display entitled, “Arrow – Scouting Relationship” took first place display award (the first in Lodge history.) We were also fortunate in the Indian Dance representation, as our Elizabeth River team placed third in the Indian Dance group competition. Blue Heron received various individual dancing awards through the talented efforts of Jim Dunlop, Sandy Rhoades, and Jim Mikells. Blue Heron played an integral part in the evening’s program by producing an audio-visual show on the Area’s twenty years of service, as well as handling the Vigil Rededication Ceremony. On Sunday, April 22, 1972, at the Area business meeting, Tom Webb, by the largest majority in Area history, was elected to the office of Area III-C Chief.

The Start of a Tradition, 1972

On the weekend of August 25, 26, and 27, 1972, Blue Heron held their 26th Fall Fellowship, utilizing the new O.A. Shelter, the Pace Shelter. With over 300 members present, it was acclaimed a great success. Here the Lodge published and issued its first Lodge annual “Heron Stalks”, a written history of the past years events. The second Christmas Banquet, held in late December of 1972, marked a continuing of an annual Lodge Banquet and more such successes are on the way.

From IIIC to SE-1, 1973

The 1973 Area Pow Wow was a turning point in Area III-C history, for it marked the end of III-C, but the beginning of Section 1 of the Southeastern Region. The Conclave, as it was to be called from now on, was a tremendous success in several ways for Blue Heron. The dance team from Elizabeth River placed second in group competition and Blue Heron’s display “Indian Affairs” as one of the best ever assembled as it took first place. Blue Heron also produced the Saturday night program, as well as participating in the training course the entire weekend. Tom Webb was elected as the first SE-1 Section Chief.

Section Honors, 1974

At the 1974 Conclave, the Blue Heron Lodge newsletter, The Drumbeat, was named as the best newsletter represented. That same year, Pipsico’s Ranger, Keith Cichorz, was inducted into our Lodge. The Lodge also held its fourth Christmas Banquet in December and in that same month; Bruce Sanders was elected SE-1 Section Chief.

First DSA, 1975

In 1975, the first Section Indian Affairs Seminar was held, and the Blue Heron Lodge sent a delegation to represent the Lodge. At the Seminar, the Lodge took third place in the Group Dance competition; Jim Dunlop took the number one position in the Old Style Solo Dancing. At the 1975 Conclave, the Lodge won first place in the Better Camp Promotion competition. The Drumbeat gained an honorable mention in the newsletter competition. Bruce Sanders, was elected South Eastern Region Chief. A delegation attended our mother lodge Octoraro’s 48th Annual Banquet. That year was also a National Conference year; the Lodge sent 21 delegates to the Conference. The Fifth Annual Christmas Banquet was held that year at the Portsmouth Moose Lodge.

Bi-Centennial Celebration, 1976

In 1976, Dale McCann was elected Section Chief. At the Conclave, the Lodge once again took first place in Camp Promotions; The Drumbeat received another honorable mention. The Lodge was awarded a certificate from the council in “Appreciation for Outstanding Service” to Pipsico Scout Reservation. Once again, the Lodge was living up to the high ideal of “cheerful service.” PAVAB Chapter received a similar certificate. The 30th Anniversary Fellowship was held in the fall of 1976. At the Fellowship, the Blue Heron Bowl was dedicated to “Uncle Chuck” Stein for his unselfish service to the Lodge. The annual business meeting at the Fall Fellowship was the time that Uncle Chuck stepped down as Lodge Lay Advisor. The 30th Anniversary Christmas Banquet was held at the Norfolk Moose Lodge.

Herons Host to Section, 1977

In 1977, work continued on the Blue Heron Bowl and camp improvements. The Lodge hosted the 1977 Conclave at which both The Drumbeat and our camp promotions efforts earned the Lodge honorable mention. The Lodge has some 29 delegates attend the Conclave. At the Indian Seminar, Mike Walton received first place in the Indian Dancing. The Lodge also received fourth place in the Group Dancing, and third place in the Pow Wow. The event was attended by 44 delegates from the Lodge. The Lodge also sent a delegation to Chanco’s 25th Anniversary Fellowship, and a delegation also attended Octoraro’s Lodge Banquet.

Herons Do Double Duty, 1978

In 1978, the Lodge sent a delegation to the conclave, hosted by Kecoughtan Lodge, to join with the co-founder of the Order, E. Urner Goodman. The Lodge also hosted the SE-1 Indian Seminar, at the Little Creek Amphibious Base Norfolk, Virginia. Our Brothers also participated in our Annual Fall Fellowship and Christmas Banquet.

Investing in the Future, 1979

In 1979, the Lodge was very proud to be able to raise $1,000.00, which was donated to the Tidewater Council to be used for Camping Promotion. The Lodge did not send a delegation to the National O.A. Conference at Fort Collins, Colorado, but one of our Brothers was able to attend. The Lodge did hold a successful Fall Fellowship and Christmas Banquet.